Scissors paper rock display

  • Start time: 2022/05/10
    End time : 2022/06/02
  • Tehran
    Hafez St., Nofel Loshato St., after Razi Intersection, Beautiful Dead End, Simorgh Mansion


Writer and director: Nima Taybi
Actors: (in order of entering the stage)
Setareh Maleki, Aban ‌Hossein بabadi, Pouya ورNorozi, Saleh لAlavi ادهzadeh, Elmira ارSaremi, Nima یTaybi
Poster designer: Nahid Ghahremani Photographer: Kiarash سی Mosayebi
Motion and teaser: Babak Beigi
Costume designer: Armaghan مKhanmohammadi
Stage designer: Masoud Ranjbar Shirazi Light designer: Mehran ‌ Karimi
Music: Dynamic New Year
Assistant Directors: Mania Bigleri, Mohammad Mehdi Tahmasebi, Majid Ghim
Executor and Executive Representative: Mohammad Elhak
Director of Public Relations and Advertising: Mohammad Elhak
Public Relations Planner: Amir Hossein Sheikhan
Summary: The winner of this game is sentenced to death.

- Do not have children under 14 years old with you.

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