Second International Conference on ...

  • Start time: 2022/05/24
    End time : 2022/11/17
  • Shiraz
    Apadana Higher Education Institute, Shiraz


The Second International Conference on Management, Ethics and Business will be held on November 17, 1401 by the Apadana Institute of Higher Education, Shiraz, in Shiraz. Also, the National Content Consortium will be indexed and you can present your papers in this conference with full confidence and use the scientific advantages of presenting a conference paper by receiving a conference certificate.
Date: 26 Aban 1401
Date: 2022-11-17
Deadline for submitting the original article: 1401/8/20
Deadline for registration: 1401/8/20

Scientific organization of the conference: Apadana Higher Education Institute, Shiraz

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