Little Adolf Show

  • Start time: 2022/05/04
    End time : 2022/05/21
  • Phone :
  • Tehran
    Karim Khan, Iranshahr St., Samandarian Alley (Mohajer), No. 22


Author: Adapted from the movie Der voranme
Director: Mobina ‌Nabi ورPour
Producer: Niousha ادKhademi
Actors: (in order of entering the stage) Milad خSheikler, Mehrnaz ‌Mahmoudi, Saeed ابBabaei, Amir Hossein وManouchehri, Setareh ‌ Shahbazi
Actor: Amir Hossein ختBakhtiari
Production Manager: Amir Ali م Imran
Assistant Director: Ebrahim رت Partovi, Maryam ‌ Mahmoudi
Stage secretary: Bita بAbbas ‌zadeh
Stage manager: Kiana Afsharbakhsh Stage and lighting designer: Niousha ادKhademi
Stage Assistant: Shamim Kohan Makeup Designer: Ali Ataei Makeup Artist: (Ladies) Marjan Mahmoudi Makeup Designer: (Men) Ali Ataei Costume Designer: Saman Farzanehfar Music Selection: Mobina ‌ Nabi ‌pour
Poster Designer:
The prayers of the Arabs
Teaser: Ali Maskra
The prayers of the Arabs
Summary: This is a family party ...!

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